30th Mount St. Helens Bluegrass Festival, Toledo Washington
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Fern Hill Bluegrass Band

Fern Hill

Fern Hill approaches its bluegrass music in the style of the classic bands of the 1950's. This special attention to detail results in an instantly identifiable rhythmic sound that both devotees and newcomers to the music will love. Fern Hill has a lot of fun playing this music and we know you'll have fun too!

Paul Smith

Paul Smith, the lead singer and rhythm guitar player for Fern Hill. He can sing all the harmony parts from tenor to bass. Paul has been playing this music since his childhood days in Kansas. Paul is also an accomplished bass player and handles most of the booking for the band.

Rollie Champe

Rollie Champe is the tenor/lead singer and mandolin player for the band. Rollie, who also plays guitar and bass, has played in many well known bands from Oregon to South Carolina. Rollie has a classic bluegrass tenor voice and contributes to any harmony part.

Mike Eisler

Mike Eisler is the fiddle player and harmony singer for Fern Hill. A Veteran multi-instrumentalist for many well know west coast bands. Mike has a recent original instrumental project recorded called "Lost Tribe". Mike's nickname is "Crazy Fiddle" and you'll soon know why!

Steve Bond

Steve Bond is Fern Hill's bass player and, as you would expect, plays a big accoustic upright bass. Steve, also a veteran of several well known Oregon bands, rounds out many of the trios with his stratospheric and high baritone singing.

John Van Brocklin

John Van Brocklin plays the 5 string banjo for Fern Hill. Known for his strong, straight ahead, classic style, John pushes the band's sound along like a locomotive. John also contributes to the vocals.

Paul Smith - Guitar - Vocals
Rollie Champe - Mandolin - Vocals
Mike Eisler - Fiddle - Vocals
John Van Brocklin - Banjo
Steve Bond - Bass



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Sound by OMB ( Rob Folsom)

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