Saturday, March 21, 2020
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1:00pm New Entry[1:00pm] Grace R. Moore Library in Tacoma
Third Saturday each month. Only exceptions are January (4th Saturday) and February (5th Saturday). Unless otherwise noted, all sessions will be held at our usual venue, the Moore branch of the Tacoma Library. Location: The Grace R. Moore Library (Conference Room) 215 South 56th Street Tacoma, WA 98408 Parking is free and available. Starting time is 1:00 pm. We’re usually there at 12:30, so you can come early, socialize, get set up and comfortable. There will be a break about midway through each session. That’s so we can get acquainted, and perhaps trade riffs and ideas. The last hour is usually dedicated to new songs, and experimentation. We wrap it up around 5:00 pm and use the final few minutes for housekeeping and pack out. Any questions, email “Billy” at bluemuserootsjam@gmail.com

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7:00pm New Entry[7:00pm] DownTown Mountain Boys- Cashmere Community Concerts
DownTown Mountain Boys- Cashmere Community Concerts March 21, 2020 Starting at 7:00 p.m. Cashmere Riverside Center, 201 Riverside Dr, Cashmere, WA Admission: $3 at the Door; $8-$11 Hat Pass for Performers For more info contact Marie at 509 421-0494 or email cashmereheights@applecapital.net Visit the website for details: www.cashmereconcerts.com

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